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Day 0:   Prep in San Diego, CA
Day 1:San Diego, CA to Alpine, CA
Day 2:  Alpine, CA to Jacumba Hot Springs, CA
Day 3:  Jacumba Hot Springs, CA to Brawley, CA
Day 4:  Brawley, CA to Blythe, CA
Day 5:  Blythe, CA to Quartzsite, AZ
Day 6:  Quartzsite, AZ to Wickenburg, AZ
Day 7:  Wickenburg, AZ to Mesa, AZ
Day 8:  Mesa, AZ to Tonto Basin, AZ
Day 9:  Tonto Basin, AZ to Globe, AZ
Day 10:  Globe, AZ to Safford, AZ
Day 11:  Safford, AZ to Lordsburg, NM
Day 12:  Lordsburg, NM to Deming, NM
Day 13:  Deming, NM to Las Cruces, NM
Day 14:  Rest Day, Las Cruces, NM 
Day 15:Las Cruces, NM to Clint, TX
Day 16:  Clint, TX to Sierra Blanca, TX
Day 17:  Sierra Blanca, TX to Van Horn, TX
Day 18:  Van Horn, TX to Fort Davis, TX
Day 19:  Fort Davis, TX to Marathon, TX
Day 20:  Marathon, TX to Sanderson, TX
Day 21:  Sanderson, TX to Comstock, TX
Day 22:  Comstock, TX to Del Rio, TX
Day 23:  Del Rio, TX to Camp Wood, TX
Day 24:  Camp Wood, TX to Ingram, TX
Day 25:

Trans America Cycling Day 49 - Photos of Cyclists and TAC Staff

Memories experienced with and about new friends gained on the tour are a significant part of the overall experience.  Below are photos of cyclists and Trans-America Cycling staff, both employees and the volunteer.  The blog author selected the photos.  If you would like a different photo included, please email it to me at:

and I will switch it out.  For the most part photos are of roommates during the tour.  Where I could not find good photos of roommates together, individual photos are used.

First are photos of visitors to America.

Trans America Cycling Day 48 - Palatka, FL to St. Augustine, FL

The link to today's route and statistics is found here.

Today was our last ride, and we rode as a group, like on the last day of the Tour de France.  If someone had a problem, all stopped until the problem was resolved.  All were triumphant today in concluding their ride across America..  We rode through St Augustine to the beach at Anastasia Island State Park for the ceremonial front tire dip in the Atlantic Ocean. Then to celebrate all took a dip in the Atlantic, which was an ideal temperature for swimming, followed by drinking of Mimosas made of champagne and orange juice.

Hope that you enjoy the photos that record the day.

Trans America Cycling Day 47 - High Springs, FL to Palatka, FL

The link to today's route and statistics is found here.

Today was our last long ride.  We left at 7:30 am to avoid afternoon heat.  We had decent cloud cover early, and later we rode 20 miles of state trails, which gave additional shade. The bottom line is that it was a very pleasant ride.

We did more than rest and refuel at SAG stops today.

A study was conducted of Spanish Moss growing on Live Oaks at the SAG.

We rode through Gainesville today, but not near “The Swamp.”  That is the popular name for the University of Florida football stadium.  The Florida Gators play there.

A highlight for the day was the scenery on the Palatka-Lake Butler State Trail.  Low palms were plentiful on the  state trail.